• What is title insurance?

    Title Insurance:

    1. Guarantees that you own what you think you own
    2. Informs you of any easements or restrictions on your property
    3. Addresses any liens against the property
    4. Insures your lender that they (the mortgagee) are in first lien position
      The following are examples of liens, which attach to the property:
      Mortgages, municipal taxes, federal taxes, homeowner association dues, judgments,
      mechanics liens, bail bonds, institutional liens, some sewer and water charges.
  • Who needs title insurance?

    1. If you plan to get a mortgage on your property, your lender will insist that you get title insurance, it is your responsibility to get this insurance
    2. As a potential homeowner, or commercial property owner, you should have
      this insurance.
  • Who orders title insurance?

    1. The individual who is refinancing or purchasing a home, or their agents (lenders, realtors or attorneys).
  • Who conducts the closing?

    1. The Title Company
    2. The Attorney
    3. or Evident Title Agency, Inc. can offer a combination of both.
  • How much is title insurance?

    1. Depending on the state, it is a one-time state regulated premium is paid at closing.
    2. Based on the purchase price, or the amount of the loan (for a refinance). The premium is approximately $450.00 for 100K, or approximately $225.00 for 100K at refinance rate.
  • Tips on how to save money

    1. Send us the previous owner's title policy (for a purchase) at time of order, you will save on searching costs and you may qualify for the reduced reissue rate on your title insurance premium (up to the original amount insured),
    2. Obtain previous owners survey (for a purchase) and you may save approx. $300.00 to $800.00 in survey costs,
    3. The reduced refinance rates apply for a refinance up to the initial amount of the open recorded mortgages.
  • Why Evident Title Agency?

    1. A staff of title professionals with many years of experience
    2. Provide fast turnaround and accurate reporting
    3. Good communicators who are service oriented

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